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Why am I doing this? 

I'm an entrepreneur who loves to interact with colleagues on strategy and personal development. The best place to do this is the unique atmosphere on a sailing boat. 

I am extremely hungry for insights in the very broad sense. When I finished my formal education, engineering and economics, I accelerated a bit instead of slowing down (I passed my studies more or less on idle throttle, so don't worry ;-).

I got interested in philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, history, art and literature. Not just for the sake of knowledge, but just enjoying the way a mind gets inspired and playful when you feed it a bit with the right stuff.  The inspiration for my venues and strategic actions rarely comes from classic management literature. That's the Pop-up MBA: knowledge at your service, instead of highbrow magical tools. Simplicity is a virtue!

That's what I want to share with Your Odyssey: learn to relax a bit, open up your mind, poor the right  stuff in there and you'll be surprised with what comes out. Stop looking for magical tools, use your brain properly instead. My laid back personality allows me to foster the right atmosphere on board to make it happen. 

So my why is very simple: I just love it! 

What have I been upto?

My professional experience  ranges from senior positions in Blue Chip Companies, privately owned companies and even some social profit. Strategic Consulting,  M&A, Venture Capital, start-ups,  scale-ups and also some elegant fuck-ups. 


Currently I spend most of my time with hands-on investment opportunities in the European ME segment. 

In the unlikely event of being curious for my resume:


Captain Mike is with us!

​For the nautical aspects we only work with the best. We joined forces with Arruno Exploration. A great initiative  of  skipper/entrepreneur Mike Celis, a true asset to the crew. Check out his website:

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