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BAU, stress and hyper connectedness push our brain in reactive survival mode

A robust foundation for this premises can be found in one of my favourite non-fiction works:'Thinking Fast and Slow' by  Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Prize Economic Sciences 2002).  

This work is a real eye-opener on the psychology of judgment, decision-making and, more in general, behavioral economics. The dogma of economic theory was, and still is, simple:


"We are rational economic actors" 


With smart questions and small experiments, he reveals consistent irrational decisions by yourself as reader, leaving you with only one possible conclusion: 


"We like to think we are rational economic actors" 

To explain this he introduces an interesting psychological concept: we have two thinking strategies (Fast & Slow) instead of one homogenous rationality.


"Thinking Fast": spontaneous process, based on intuition, energy saving and quick but often


This is our reactive survival brain mode


"Thinking Slow": deliberate process that costs more energy and time, but yields better decisions.                                                     


This is our athletic brain mode, full boost let's say.

Both systems have their advantages, disadvantages and use in our daily life, it's all about balance. However, it is clearly indicated that stress pushes us towards our reactive survival mode. Needless to say that this is not the best strategy for entrepreneurship in a complexifying world.

I started sailing about 15 years ago, I was hooked from the beginning,...3 sessions a year or die,... 

Quite naturally my more profound strategic questions were dragged to these 'refreshing windows of proper reflection'.  My best start up's, personal and business pivots, scaling initiatives, acquisition decisions all passed the ocean. My biggest fuck-ups got killed on a sailing boat as well ;-)


Kahneman explains why. All the ingredients are present in our brain, we just need to make it run differently sometimes,... It is a matter of choice, conviction, planning and structure. Not coincidence.

The result is 'Your Odyssey'. I want to share the concept I crafted over the years with colleague entrepreneurs. Time to scale up!

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