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We live in exiting times: The Roaring 20's!

The 4th industrial revolution live on air!

Rock solid economic foundations just evaporate and new opportunities materialize,... 


Two basic questions determine strategy:

Is what I'm doing still relevant?

Is what I should be doing, done in the best possible way?


The questions are simple but the answers are not.

Change is costly, shying us away from objective reflection.

Entrepreneurship 4.0

Instead of wasting time in meeting rooms, we take our strategic questions  on a sailing trip. 

Your Odyssey provides the extra shot of brainpower for entrepreneurs in disruptive times.

Check out 'the foundations' for some scientific backing.

Return from the foundations

The mission is clear: 

We set sail with our strategic questions and ideas.

We come home with an actionable strategy to disrupt.


Three ingredients do the trick:

Your bright mind in the right setting: disconnected and tuned in.

Our inspiration, insights & tools: 'Your Pop-Up MBA'

The boat life & the dynamics of a sailing crew by entrepreneurs.

Return from My Odyssey
Back from fuel for talk

Too fast? Just hover over the slides!


Step 1: A simple video call

Is Your Odyssey something for you? 

Are you somebody for Your Odyssey?

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